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Creepypasta OC by JasdeviGirl Creepypasta OC by JasdeviGirl
Warning: Back story has gore and graphic details.

Basic info

Pasta name: The Reaper's Son

Name: Shiro Oni

Nickname: Shro (only by younger brother)

D.O.B: October 31

Age: 18 (snaps at 17)

Species: Human but part wolf after an accident with Laughing Jack

Currently living: House abandoned in the woods sometimes Slender Mansion


Mother: Miralayn Oni (Alive, 35 )

Father: Silas Oni (Alive, 38)

Brother: Ryder Oni (Alive, 16 - 15 when Shiro snaps)

Sister: Lilliana Oni (Alive, 6 months)

Other Family Members: The Creepypasta

Lover: No one

Physical Features

Height: 6 feet 2 inches

Muscle: 6 pack buff 

Tattoo(s): skull and cross scythes with blood on the blades (left shoulder), black dragon spiraling down arm starting at shoulder with dragon head breathing fire on palm of hand (right arm/hand), black angel wings (covering from shoulder blades to lower back)

Scar(s): Jagged scar going through eyebrow and ends middle of bridge of the nose (right eye and no it doesnt go across the nose the scar goes straight down, his side bang hide the scar)

Physical strength(s): Hand to hand combat, weapons (mostly blades), stealth, high stamina, massive amounts of strength, high endurance,  very quick reflexes, enhanced hearing/sight/smell, night vision

Physical weakness(es): throat area and right eye (the scar is extremely sensitive)

About Him

Personality: Cold, aggressive, sadistic, merciless, sarcastic, calm but still has a temper, perverted, great sense of humor, loyal, has a soft side, very protective of his family and friends (especially his younger brother), blood lust, a bit of a nerd with Animes and video games, flirty, and has wolf personality traits (in other words he's like a wolf)

Likes: Video games, Anime, blades, blood, black, Ryder, killing, BEN Drowned, Jeff, Laughing Jack, Eyeless Jack, Dark Link, Sally, Ticci Toby, Slender, Puppeteer, sleeping, training, rough housing, collecting (mostly kidneys for E.J but if a victim has a blade Shiro will take it), going for walks in the forest, singing, playing piano and guitar, flirting, listening to rock/post-hardcore/scream/heavy metal   
Dislikes: Jane the Killer, Clockwork, Seedeater, Offenderman (lets just say he did NOT give Shiro a good 1st impression), loud noises, thunderstorms, other creepypastas teasing Ryder, victims escaping, losing, nightmares   

Back story: Shiro lived with his family and he helped his parents with his younger siblings.  Though at school things weren't as nice, Shiro was teased and bullied everyday in every way possible all becuz of the way he dressed and what he liked.  This went on from elementary to high school and each year it got more and more brutal.  Ryder was to grades behind Shiro and he was bullied as well, the two siblings helped each other through the days but that all changed one day.  It was the last day before exams and Ryder and Shiro were walking out the front doors laughing and smiling but they were forced to stop when the gang of bullies showed up.  The head of the group, a guy from the wrestling team named Jones, stepped forward smirking.

"Heeey boys where ya goin? Tryin to get away from yer weekly beatin?" Jones cracked his knuckles at the end of his sentence. Shiro gave a bored expression and sighed, having gone through this over a million times.

"No Jones we were not trying to 'escape' we were going home." Shiro pulled Ryder closer when Jones grit his teeth in bubbling anger "No you were trying to get away I know you were!" Jones screams in Shiro's face. Still wearing the same bored expression Shiro speaks in a calm voice "Well if you think we're trying to get away that's your problem. So if that's all Ryder and I will take our leave now." The two victims couldnt even take 1 step because they were lifted off the ground by the front of their shirts. Jones was red in the face with rage "I'm not the one with a problem YOU ARE ya little freak! You ought ta be taught a lesson for disrespectin me!" Both boys were thrown to the ground and dragged by their feet in2 the alleyway across the street.

The gang started kicking and punching the boys and Jones stood back and watched, arms crossed and grinning.  This went on for a half hour and Jones signaled for the gang to stop.  Jones walked up to Shiro and Ryder, who were both curled up bleeding and bruised.  Jones grabbed Shiro by the hair and yanked him up so he could see the albinos face. The wrestler's grin widens and pulls out a hunting knife.  "Lets see if I can get you to scream little Shiro." Jones presses the knife at the top of Shiro's right brow and slowly put pressure, breaking the skin.  Ryder was struggling to get up, he wanted to help his older brother but was so weak from the beating earlier.  The knife was suddenly brought down, ripping open the poor boys eye. Blood gushed from the gaping wound and Shiro screamed in agony, yanking himself away his hands flew to his eye instinctively. Ryder bolted up ignoring the pain that shot through his body and rushed over to his sibling. But Jones caught the 15 year old and held him to his chest.

Laughing, Jones says "You're pathetic, you can't even protect yourself! Lets see if your dear little brother is the same way~" Ryder was slammed against the alley wall his arms pinned above his head.  Jones advanced with the knife dripping with Shiro's blood, he reached Ryder.  Shiro looked at Ryder with his one good eye and was going to say something but was abruptly cut off when Jones plunged the hunting knife into Ryder's stomach. Ryder screams but it turns to a gurgle as blood filled his mouth, he was dropped to the ground and Jones cackled. Something inside the 17 year old snapped the moment he heard his baby brothers scream of pain. Shiro's hands slowly drop and his blood soaked bangs cover his eyes.

"!!!" Shiro shoots up and tackles Jones to the ground catching the wrestler by surprise. The white haired male threw hard punches to the downed man's face.  Jones was yelling for his gang to get the guy off him and the men jumped at Shiro, but that was a big mistake. The 17 year old grabbed a near pipe and swung it at the nearest guy and hit one in the head, the impact burst open his skull killing him instantly. Everyone froze and stared at the dead body, shocked.  Shiro started grinning and giggling which soon turned into an insane cackle that struck terror in everyone's core. The albino gasped for breath and looked at the remaining men of the gang, both eyes gleaming with hatred insanity and a sick sense of delight. He stood up still gripping the pipe and lunged at the men, they didn't even have a chance to react. The last of the bodies fell and the only people left was Jones, Ryder and Shiro. The insane male dropped the pipe the metallic sound echoed eerily through out the alleyway.

With his back facing Jones Shiro said in an eerily calm voice that held a hint a hatred "You have hurt both me and my brother and for that you will pay...WITH YOUR DEATH!" Shiro turns around and snatches up the knife and pins the terrified wrestler.  The albino grins insanely and cuts Jones' right eye out making him shriek and thrash as pain seers through his eye socket. But the crazy albino doesn't stop there, no the albino cuts open the wrestler's stomach making blood shoot up in a fountain and drenching Shiro completely. He reaches in and pulls out Jones' entrails and throws them aside, the snapped teen brings the knife up and stabs the wrestler in the heart killing him.  Shiro starts to carve 'We're safe now Ryder.' into Jones' chest before standing up and running to Ryder who is still alive, barely.

The older sibling yanks off his shirt and binds it around Ryder's torso and lifts up his brother, running to the school where they were sent to the hospital. The sibling were in the same room after their surgeries, their parents forced to stay out so the two boys could rest.  Ryder sighs and turns his head to his older brother who had a bandage wrapped around his eye and head.  The 15 year old says in a soft tone "Shro you know we can't stay right?" Shiro looks at Ryder with a grim expression "No I can't stay here but you can. I'm leaving and you're not coming with-" "Yes I am! I am not letting my older brother live by himself knowing how much he needs me!" Ryder's sudden outburst stunned Shiro into silence.  Several moments pass and Shiro sighs in defeat "Fine you can come with me. We leave the night we r discharged." Ryder smiles and nods and falls asleep.

~a few weeks pass~

The Oni brothers were discharged with their parents and headed home in silence.  The moment they got home they all went to bed, except the two boys. Shiro looks at Ryder "Ready?" he asks. Ryder grins and nods "Ready!" The boys sneak downstairs and start to head to the back door when something catches the older brothers eye.  He's father's katana mounted above the fireplace, Shiro hesitated before walking over to it. He grabbed it and sheathed it in his left belt loop. Running out the back door he sees Ryder leaning against a tree.

The two brothers wander in the woods for a few hours and find an abandon cabin, this is where they live to this day. The next morning though they were reported MISSING but they didn't care, they were happy with each other.

How he kills: Shiro observes a victim and he only kills people who have harmed others. For example if a man hurts a woman by breaking her heart and snaps her arm then Shiro makes that male his pray. Each kill is special and another example would be the man in the other example; Shiro cuts off an arm and cuts out the males heart, carving into the males chest '-harmed woman's name- u r safe now'. Its different for every victim. (tho if someone trespasses in his home he just plays Cat and Mouse with them)

Saying: "You have hurt -harmed woman's name- and for that you will pay...WITH YOUR DEATH!" (If its trespassers: "No trespassers allowed.")

Extra Info: Ever since the accident with Laughing Jack's magic Shiro has black wolf ears and tail and his pupils turn to slits this happens only when Shiro is very mad. Shrio's everyday outfit is a black and dark grey striped hoodie with black skinny jeans and black converse., the outfit in the picture above is is hunting gear which he uses when hunting for meat. When Shiro's wolf features are scratched or his belly is rubbed he purrs and acts like an affectionate puppy.

(I own Shiro Oni/The Reaper's Son so please don't steal)

Made with deviantART muro
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